Are you a good friend for Taylor?

Taylor is friend,y to everyone, but she has a bad side towards bullies. Anyway, this is my first quiz! (Sorry if it's bad lol). This will not affect your friendship with Taylor in any way so don't feel sad or disliked!

published on September 26, 201434 responses 37 4.7★ / 5

Hey guys! This is my first quiz! Taylor isn't here yet, so I'll ask the first question! What's your favorite color?

Navy blue

Taylor's here! Hey Tay!
Taylor: hey! Let's get this quiz rockin and rolling!
Somebody's eager today!
Taylor: what's your favorite sport?

Cross country!
I hate sports
Taylor: oh well.

Taylor: what do you like to do in your free time?

Play some music!
Go for a run!
Watch TV!
Do homework!
Taylor: haha no.
Gossip on social media!

Taylor: do you like to run?

Yea I do!
Yea, but I like to focus more on my music!
Yea, but not everyday.
No way! I might chip a nail! DX
Taylor: oh brother
I guess?

Taylor: Who is your favorite hedgehog from sonic the hedgehog?

Taylor: High five!
Taylor: nice!
Taylor: he's pretty awesome.
That silver guy I guess?
Taylor: it's Silver.
None of them they're stupid!
Taylor: stop trolling around -.-

Final question Taylor!
Taylor: ok ok lemme think... Want to go to a concert with me?
Good one!

Sure! I live for music!
Yea! Just as long as we're just friends.
No I have plans to hang out with my friends and gossip!
No thanks.
Yeeh buddy!

That's it! Hope you enjoyed!
Taylor: see ya!

Heh, see ya 'round
See ya!
Bye I guess..
Taylor: why so sad?! Turn that frown upside down!
Bye I hated this quiz anyway.
Taylor: haters gonna hate.