What does Ticci Toby think of you?

What does Ticci Toby think of you?

Hi guys! So I just wanted to make this and see what I think of you! ^^ anyways hope you enjoy!

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Kenali: toby I wanna ask the first 5 questions
Haha alright kenali go ahead
Kenali: yay who do you ship toby with?

Me: -.- why? I
don’t like clockwork
Me: okay I’m ok
with that ;-;
Me: okay ^^

Kenali: if you were to meet Toby in real life how would you react?
Me: ^^ hopefully I won’t have to kill anybody

Steal his waffles
Mine!!! *brings out
Hug him and try to
be his friend
Me: aww! ^^ I just
might accept that
Boop his nose
Me: why? Just

Kenali: do you think Toby and I are a great couple?
Me: kenali? Really? I-I-I don’t think everybody w-will approve of u-us since you’re not cannon l-like me
Kenali: ik... I just wanna see who does though

Yea you two are
Me: heh t-thx
You two are ok...
Me: yea... I guess
y-your right
No you two don’t
deserve to be
Me: o-ok that’s j-
just rude!

Kenali: what do you think about Toby?

He’s awesome
Me:aww thank you!
I’ll share some
waffles with you if
you want!
He’s a good friend
Me: w-well thx I a-
appreciate it
He’s ok
Me: oh...
I hate him
Me: then why are
you taking this q-

Kenali: what would you do if Toby were to kill your family on accident?
Me: ... kenali seriously?

Well if it was an
accident that’s ok
Me: heh
I didn’t want my
parents anyways
Me: phew
How dare you?!?!?
Me: I-I-I’m sorry...
You’ll pay for
Me: c-come at me!!
I’ve got h-hatchets!

Alright now that kenali’s turn is over I’ve got a few questions for you!
What do you do for fun?

Eat waffles
Run around
Me: okay cool
Me: :/ ookay then
Thinking of ways to
kill you
Me: not cool! I’m
practically already

Next one is... d-drum roll plz!!! What would you do if masky, hoodie, and I were standing in the middle of your room watching you?

Me: h-heh just
don’t t-touch me
when I’m t-trying
to bother masky
Help Toby annoy
Masky: oh dear god
Me: y-yay!
Stare and hide
under the covers
Me: eh seems
accurate... a lot of
p-people do that
Beat the hell out of
you all
Me: w-why?!?!? It’s
three against one
and besides we’ve
got weapons!!!

Alright this is kind of a weird question but umm who would you marry, kill or kiss?

I’d marry you toby
Me: *blushes* eh
heh t-thank you
I’d kiss Jeff
Me: 0.o good l-luck
with t-that one he
can be a jerk
I’d kill clockwork
Me: -.- I may not
like her that much
but she’s still my
friend! So back o-

Okay now that’s over and the next and last one that I have for you is... how do you feel about wolves?

They’re cute
Me: yay!
They’re ok
I hate them
Me: :( oh

Alright that’s all the questions I got for you all ^^ h-hope to see you all soon!!! And I h-hope t-that you guys got the r-result that y-y-you wanted!!

Bye toby!!!
Me: bye!!!
See ya toby
Me: later