You As a Wolf; What Would You Do?

You As a Wolf; What Would You Do?

Would you be a strong loner or would you be a weak but wise pack elder? Find out on this mini quiz!

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What do you do if there was a war going on? Including you or anyone you care for?

Plan an attack for my pack then hide.
Fight with alone. Yah!
Protect my family! Family first.
Growl at them since my claws haven't fully grown yet.
Steal all I can from them. Good advantage.
Ugh, so ungraceful!
Fight with my pack. It's my wolves I'm fighting for!
Take all the food I can and hide!

Bad weather that could take out the forest?

Plan safety for the pack.
Find somewhere to keep me safe, alone.
Bark at the sky to make it stop!
Get my family to safety first.
Steal wolves' food when they panic.
Ew, mud!
Get my pack to safety first!
Is my food safe?

Death peeking around the corner?

Plan out the way I die.
Die alone.
I'm far from death!
Die with my family.
Steal everything and anything I can before I die.
Die with elegance and my fans and lovers.
Die with my pack!
Die with all the food I can eat!!!

Humans take over the forest?

Plan an attack on them.
Fight them alone.
Bite there paws! Wow, they're soft.
Protect my family then join the attack.
Steal their lunches.
They are so ungraceful, like me. My fans will protect me.
Take my pack with me to fight them!
Does this have anything to do with food?

See a hungry stranger passed out in the middle of the forest?

Tell the pack about it.
Take them in, feed them, then send them on their way.
There's nothing I can do. I'm just a pup!
I have a family to feed.
Ignore him/her.
Ew, their fur is matted! *sigh* I'll take him/her in, I guess, but my fans and lovers have to deal with it.
Feed them and offer to make them a part of my pack.
Share my hunted food and let them stay until they feel better.

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