Which of my Shitty Characters are You?

This quiz is crack. Expect nothing less from this acc. I have actually good characters, but don't worry, I'm only using the worst of the worst for this quiz.

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What motivates you?

I just came out to have a good time man. It's not that deep.
Not just surviving, but working hard to achieve all my hopes and dreams.
Just surviving is actually fine with me. It's a pretty big priority.
Filling the gaping, insatiable hole inside of me.
I prospect of greatness, glory, and fame.

What will be the death of you?

Being an insufferable little shit.

What's the worst thing a person could do?

Violate another person. Especially a child.
Waste precious resources, especially food, that could otherwise be put to use.
Go against their own family.
Break a promise to a loved one.
It's all relative. It's stupid trying to judge the actions of others.

What is your worst trait?

A god complex.
My complete and utter lack of remorse.

What is your best trait?

Naked ambition and a willingness to kill.
I'm hella fun to be around.
I can make anyone feel like a million bucks.
Uh... I'm a dog person...?

Pick a pet:

A dog. Dogs are the most die-hard loyal animals out there.
A snake. Snakes are beautiful, graceful, elusive creatures.
A cat. Cats don't just give you their affection, you have to earn it. They're smart and crafty.
I'm not an animal person.
A seagull the size of a beagle high on cocaine with a loaded shotgun. Why not?

Pick a job:

Infamous drug dealer.
Powerful CEO.
Idc as long as I'm famous.
World-renowned surgeon.
Rich landlord.

What is your ideal partner like?

I'm actually fine just being single.
Someone patient and forgiving who would love me for all my flaws.
Someone who would submit themselves to me entirely. I would be their idol of worship. They would
do anything and everything for me, and gladly so, without expecting anything in return. Is that so
much to ask?
Someone who could be my equal.
Doesn't matter had sex.

How do you treat the people around you?

It depends on how they treat me. Most of the time, I'm incredibly sweet, protective, and caring. But
piss me off and I'll make you regret it.
I push and pull. One minute, someone is the most important person in the world to me and I'd do
anything for them. I adore them with all my being. The next, they are the scum of the earth to me and
I despise them deeply. There's no in-between.
I hold most people at arm's length.
I only put effort into being nice when I can get something out of it.
I'm really great until you get to know me.

Out of the following, which sounds the most like something you would do?

Killing and cannibalizing my spouse because they cheated on me.
Pressuring my friends to do dumb shit for my own amusement.
Hurting someone because I was paranoid they would hurt me first.
Starting a war out of spite.
Enslaving an entire race of people just to prove I could.

Why did you do that bad thing you did?

I was afraid something bad was going to happen to me if I didn't.
Sheer, unadulterated boredom.
Some extremely petty reason, probably.
Sometimes I just get the urge to do things and I can't help it.
Because I had something to gain. That's all.