Friendship Simulator (Eternal)

Friendship Simulator (Eternal)

Okay, here we go, let's see if you'll get along good with the tiny Tsundere and become friends. If you like quizzes like these, check out the ones by StarGirlProductions! Enjoy. :)

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"Heya, I'm Eternal, the demonicat. You better not mess with me."

Eep! N-no! I won't!
Haha. Trying to act all tough. Yeah right.
*bows head* I won't.

"So... Do you like anime?"

Anime? Pffft, anime's for losers! Losers like you!
What kind of question is THAT?
I-I DON'T KNOW! J-just please don't h-hurt me..

"Whaddaya wanna do, idiot?"

P-Please don't call me an idiot... I-I don't wanna be h-hurt! *hides*
Idiot? That's all ya got? You're bad at insults. *tries punching but misses*
Um... You choose.
What about cave exploring?

"We're going cave exploring. Hurry your ass up!"

O-okay... P-please don't h-hurt me...
Fine, whatever you say, tiny.
Okay, okay. Patience.
Yay! I love cave exploring!

*time skip*
"*has flashlight, looks around, finds a fossil and picks it up* Whoa, cool. Look at this fossil I found, idiot! I bet you can't find any of these!"

Whoa, cool! You should keep it! I wish I found one of those!
Don't call me an idiot! And who cares about some stupid fossil? *tries kicking but misses* Besides,
I should've gotten it, not you!
*ignoring* I should get one...
I-I'm scared... Don't hurt me with it... *hides behind a giant rock* Though I guess it looks cool...

"Well, if you're really that desperate, then take it, moron."

Oh, really, thank you... *snatches it and tries kicking but misses*
Oh no, you can keep it! I can try finding another!
N-No! *cowers* DON'T HURT ME! >~<

"*pulls it back* HYAHA! I was just messin' with ya!"

Ugh, you're so spoiled! I'm going to kill you!
*laughs along* HAHA! I was so foolish enough to fall for it! XD
*scared* DON'T... H-HURT MEEEE! /)~(\

"Let's go back. I'm done here."

Okay, brat. I'm going to beat you up after.
Yeah! It's getting late.

"That was fun I guess. Later."

*runs away scared* DON'T HURT MEEEEEE!
*walks away without saying a word*
*tries attacking her but keeps missing*
Alright. I hope to see you again!