Are you Jynx, Zackie or Mason?

The three overlords of my oc kingdom. which one do you think you’re most like? want to find out? then take my freaking quiz. please. i’m begging you.

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Which place sounds the most appealing to you?

A bright, sunny
meadow filled with
sweet-smelling grass
and beautiful flowers.
You can
hear the cows mooing
in the distance, the
pounding of the
horses’ hooves
against the
ground... Everything is
A modest, stable
townhouse with a
beautiful, spiraling
staircase. It doesn’t
have to be extravagant as long
as it’s cozy and
welcoming. Dinner is
in the oven, and it
smells wonderful. You
can hear the pitter-
patter of little feet
running around
upstairs... Everything
is as it should be.
A small, bedroom-like
den with a soft, plush
couch, blankets, and
pillows. The deluxe
lazy life is what I
prefer. There are
hoodies and more
blankets laid out on
the floor in a
haphazardly manner,
making way for an
impromptu game of
The Floor Is
Lava... Everything is

How would you friends describe yourself?

A bit of a wiseass, but
sweet. I know when to
quit, unlike some
people. I’m funny and
Overly snarky, but
loyal. I look for fights
most of the time, but I
almost always have a
way to justify it, I
swear. I’m very
I’m very sarcastic, but
also very considerate.
I like to think about
other people’s
feelings, even if it
means putting myself
in the process.

How would your friends describe you?

I’m probably the one
friend they love to
hate or hate to love.
They all think I’m
funny, I know.
I actually think they all
want me to disappear
off the face of the
earth. Either that, or
they’re sending me
some pretty weird
I’d like to think that
they look at me as
someone they can
talk to. A helper, or
guardian of some
sort. Also, a reliable

Pick a color.


Given the choice between lying to protect someone you love or lying to put someone you hate in danger, which would you pick?

Lying to protect
someone you love. If
it means my love is
safe, I’ll do anything.
It really just depends
on who it is, at the
moment. I’ve basically
loved and hated
everyone at one
Lying to put someone
I hate in danger. I
have anger
management issues
and lots of pent-up

Choose a song.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran
Classic by MKTO
Cake by Melanie
She’s My Kinda Girl
by Runner Runner
Nerds by Bo Burnham
Bibia Be Ye Ye by Ed

Your ideal outfit?

Something I could
work in. Ideally, red
flannel with maybe a
white undershirt. I’d
like some denim jeans
that make my butt
good, if that’s okay.
Steel-toed boots,
Anything I can veg out
in, but also something
I can make a clean
exit in. Renaissance
clothes, if you will.
Maybe some baggy
pants, a long sleeve
shirt, and a jacket.
Boots wouldn’t be so
bad, either.
I dress to be
comfortable. As long
as I can layer my
clothes, we’re gucci. I
like to wear a flannel
and then a hoodie
over it or
one of those jackets
with hoodie sleeves.
They’re nice and
warm. Normal jeans
are okay. Maybe pair
it with some
Converses or

If you had to be one of these things all the time, which would it be?


Are you resourceful?

I love building things
out of things I find!
I can build a pretty
sick fire out of rocks
and sticks.
Not really. I don’t go
outside often.

Which are you?