who are you most like in my new class

i want to test you to see who you are in my class not everyone in my class will be said though lofl

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5.15 rounded

i have no idea whatsoever
wanna ask me another question! (me:yes)
of course i know the answer

jimmy had five dogs does h still have them

this questionn is worthless!
well of course he still has them until they turned into fat fluffydonkey unicorns eating waffles and buttery pancakes
i know that iis a trick question (me:yea not really)
had means he doesnt have them anymore so he doesnt hav them anymo9re

ariana grande is awesome

shes hot not awesome
she is awesome
i hat her
she is awesome her music rules

would we beez frwendzzz

no i hate you
we an have pet donkeys and eat waffles but no not frinds
you gossiped about me (m:i said it want me gawwd!)
yea sure u cool


are retards
are my life
they arent thaat smart
i hav no opinion about donkeys

will yya be mah friend

no i dont do that
if i comment donkeys then youll know what answer i chose
no i highly doubt you pay attentio9n to that stuff anyway
yea sure girl u koo u koo