Sonic wwffy part 4 (1)

Sonic wwffy part 4 (1)

Tecap: Last time you were introduced to the boys and either went to Melody's house or stayed at the boys house. P.S Please excuse the terrible pic

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You: Hi Shadow! Shadow: Hmph... You go upstairs

... (Erica: Really?)
Sonic! (Sonic: Hi y/n! Wanna chilli
dog?) *giggles* Sure! *takes chilli
dog* (Me irl: Sorry if you don't like
chilli dogs)
Knuckles to plot our next Melody
sabotage! (Shadow: *follows you to
make sure you don't plot to kill
Melody) Really Shadow? T_T *runs
into Knuckles room and locks the door
before Shadow gets in* (Knuckles
Um.. Why are you locking the door?)
Shadow... Making... Sure... We don't...
Hurt Melody... (Knuckles: Oh... You
know he can chaos control right?
Shadow: *chaos controls into
Knuckles's room*) Oh no...
Tails! (Erica: *growls*) What?!?
(Melody: She has a crush on Tails)
Oh.. (Melody: They aren't dating yet
though..) Okay! *walks into Tails's
workshop* Hi! (Tails: Hey y/n!)
Silver! *runs to Silver's room*
(Melody: Those two are so cute
together! Luna: Ikr!) Hi Silvy! (Silver:
*sits down next to Shadow* *puts
head on his shoulder* (Melody: *turns
into dark form* Shadow: *lifts your
head off his shoulder* Melody? CALM
DOWN! Melody: *turns normal*
*hangs head* I'm sorry... If you want
her then that's fine... *runs off crying*
Shadow: Melody! Wait! *runs after

Melody: There's a big danice tonight. Everyone's going. Hey! y/n it would be a perfect opportunity to be introduced to some of the other Mobians! Only thing is you have to have a date... You ask one of the boys...

... Mephiles... Do you wanna go to the
dance with me? (Mephiles: ... Erica:
Just go with him! You two deserve
each other!)
Shadow? You wanna go with me to the
dance? (Melody: *standing nearby
sobbing* Shadow: Nope.) Why? You
technically just broke up with Melody
to be with me! (Shadow: I didn't mean
it that way. I just hate seeing her
unhappy... I'm going with Melody.
Melody: I never said yes but...
Shadow: Please! Melody: Fine *hugs
him*) Hmph... (Melody:!*sticks out
tongue at you*)
Um-um Silver? You wanna go with
me? *blushes* ( Melody Erica and
Luna: Aww! Silver: *blushes* Um..
Yeah that would be nice!) ^_^
Tails? Wanna go with me? (Erica: *at
the same time as you* You wanna go
Tails? Tails: Um um I don't know...
Melody: You can both go with Tails!)
Ok! ^_^ ( Tails: Okay! Erica: Fine
*sighs* Knuckles I guess... (Knuckles:
Yes! I mean Sure if I HAVE to Melody:
*rolls eyes*) *giggles*
Sonic! Can we go? (Sonic: Yeah sure!)

Later you all piled into Sonic's car. You stopped at Luna's house where Luna's date Orion was waiting. May the party Melody introduced you to her friends Swift, Lana, Crystal, Sage and Armando. Melody and Luna ran up to the DJ and requested a song. The DJ started to play "Shatter Me" by Lindsay Stirling. Melody and Luna started to sing along to it. Everyone started doing their own thing. Shadow sat down by Melody and Luna, Sonic started talking to Lana and the others were talking to one of Melody's friends. You decide to join one of them

...(Erica: Go! Do something!) ...
You join Silver and go to dance
I join Sonic and Lana and talk!
I join Knuckles and plot our next move of revenge on Melody (Shadow: *sees you two talking* *to Melody* One sec... Melody: Okay!
Shadow; *eavesdrops on you*)
I join Melody and Luna and Shadow! I love this song! (Melody: *singing* Somebody make me feel alive and Shatter Me!)
Tails and Erica are talking! I wanna join! (Erica: Um Tails? I kinda have a cr..*gets interrupted*) Hi guys! (Erica: T_T

A bit later a slow song comes on. Shadow asks Melody to dance with him, Erica asked Tails and Orion asked Luna. One of the boys walks up to you and asks you to dance...

No one. The one I like is dancing with Erica. (Melody: Erica! Let y\n dance with Tails! Erica: Hmph... Fine! *switches with you*)
... (Erica: T_T Just go dance with Mephiles! *pushes you towards Mephiles* Mephiles: *blushes*) *blushing*
Well there's only one way to settle this. *walks toward where Melody and Shadow are dancing* *to Melody* Mind if I cut in? *pushes
Melody away* *takes Melody's place* Thanks Melody! (Melody: *growls at you* Shadow: Um... Melody? Are you okay? Melody:
*storms off*) Good! Now we can dance! *starts dancing with Shadow*
(Knuckles: *walks up to you* So um you wanna dance or something?) Sure! *smiles* *takes his hand and runs to the dance floor*
(Knuckles: *blushes*) *starts dancing with Knuckles* (Melody: What started out to be a terrible plot to ruin my life turned into a
beautiful friendship! Two bullies finally together! Shadow: *sees you two talking about something* I would feel better if I knew what
those two were talking about though... *guides Melody closer to you*) *to Knuckles* So we already tried poisoning her... What
other ideas do you have? (Knuckles: We could try to poison her tacos? She would do anything for tacos! Shadow: THAT'S IT I'VE
HAD ENOUGH OF THIS! WHY DO YOU HATE MELODY ANYWAY? Melody: Shadow? Now it's your turn to calm down... Shadow: Sorry
Melody... Melody: *to you* Nobody poisons my tacos!)
(Sonic: *walks up*May we dance?) Sure!
(Silver: Um... Wanna dance? *blushes*

A bit later the party ended. You guys all got back in Sonic's car. Melody: Ugh... So tired from all that dancing. *falls asleep on shadow* Shadow: *puts his arm around Melody* You dropped Luna and Orion at Luna's house . You were so tired from all that dancing.

... *already asleep* (Erica: How long has she been sleeping? Oh wait don't answer that. I know the answer. Ever since the beginning of this quiz series!)
So... Silver... um... Can I have pancakes again tomorrow morning? (Silver: Sure! You should try Melody's pancakes one day! They're really good! Melody: *doesn't hear Silver because she's asleep)
*falls asleep on the other side of Shadow* (Shadow: *makes sure Melody is asleep* Melody: *asleep* Shadow: *puts his other arm around you*) *smiles* (Erica: Your cheating on my sister! Shadow: No I'm not! Just because I have my arm around y\n doesn't mean I'm cheating on Melody! Erica: I'm watching you! *glares at Shadow* )
(Erica: So um.. Tails.) What are you guys talking about? (Tails: Nothing really :) ) Okay!
Um... Sonic. You wanna go get some chili dogs tomorrow? (Sonic: Sure!) Yay!
*tries to inject something into Melody* (Shadow: *Grabs the needle out of your hand* *reads the label* Where did you get this?)I dunno. Ask Knuckles. (Knuckles: I always have one handy. Shadow: Really? Why? Whatever. Just stop.)