Which car brand are you

Which car brand are you

Mercedes, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Cadillac, and Lamborghini, Which one of these 10 are you, Get ready to find out

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If you saw someone getting a beat down, what would you do

Beat them down and help the guy up
Beat them down and leave
Tell them to stop
Help them beating him down

Do you like challenges

Maybe a few
Yeah, to prove to others that i'm not to be messed with
Heck Yeah!

If your special other said he/she hated you, what would you do

Try and get her back
Say you hate her/him back
Say your sorry
Say whatever and leave the chat room or some place your in

If you had one chance do any of these, which one would you do

Give peace and freedom to all countries
Get everything I want
Kill all my enemies
Relax and lay back
Show the world my abilities

What do you do in your freetime

Roam the streets
Look for trouble
Hang out with friends

If you saw someone drowning, what would you do

Save them and see if they're OK
Save them and bring them to a lifeguard or ambulance
Save them and walk away
I can't swim
Save them and show what I did

Do you have a lot of friends

I have one or two
I have quite a few
I don't have any
I have 3 or 4
I have lots

What music do you like

Rap, hip hop
Dubstep or rock

What is the size of town or city do you live in

Small town
I live on a farm
Big town
Small City
Big city

Are you in a relationship

I'm lonely
I don't care for a relationship
I have a girlfriend
I'm married
I'm looking

If you went to a concert, who would it be out of these people

Charlie XCX
Jason Aldean
Hollywood Undead
Justin Timberlake
Wiz Khalifa

Did you enjoy?

Yeah, great quiz
I didn't like it
It was cool I guess
Ya, it was awesome!