Dear Kilum

Kilum will text you something, and you have to come up with a solution to her girly issues. Let's see how well you do?

published on February 08, 201614 responses 2
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Kilum texts you: "My dad found out that I'm dating when I'm not supposed to.. HELP!"...
What do you do?

Answer: "Oh well.. Just do it anyways. He can't tell you what to do!"
Answer: "Hmm, okay. Cool."
Answer: "Just do what your dad wants you to do.. He's only looking out for you."

Kilum texts you: "Hmm, I wonder what huskies are like.. Do you think they are good pets?"

Answer: "Well, I think they're cute.. Just like you!"
Answer: "Idk.. Dogs are weird and I wouldn't have one in the first place.."
Answer: "W/e makes you happy...?"

Kilum texts you: "I really like you.."

Answer: "Oh uh.. I don't really feel the same.."
Answer: "I like you too! But can we just be friends?"
Answer: "I think I really like you too, bbg <3"

Kilum texts you: "I've been feeling really sad lately, but I guess I'm fine.. Wbu?"

Answer: "I'm good thanks."
Answer: "Are you going to be okay?"
Answer: "I hate those words: I'm fine... You're not okay! What's going on?"

Kilum texts you: "I want to die.."

Answer: "What's up?"
Answer: "Me too.."
Answer: "Don't say that!! What's wrong??!"

Kilum texts you: "EWW.. There's a spider under my bed.."

Answer: "Hahahahahah, have fun!"
Answer: ":OO NO! Bbg, I'll send you a plane ticket! Come to meeee!"
Answer: "eek.. Sorry about that?"

Kilum texts you: "I'm moving.."

Answer: "NOO! You can't! Not without me!"
Answer: "Are you sure? Ask again."
Answer: "Oh."

Kilum texts you: "Do you like Markiplier?"

Answer: "Hah, yes!"
Answer: "Holy shizzles, yas! I watched his series of Fran Bow, 4 times now!"
Answer: "Who?"

Kilum texts a group of friends and you: "Do you understand the meaning of life?"

Answer: "You.. <3"
Answer: "Why am I even here in the first place?"
Answer: "42."

Kilum texts you: "My bestfriend says your cute!"

Answer: "Okay."
Answer: "Well. I'm only into you!"
Answer: "Tell her I said she's cute too."

Kilums asks you: "Did you answer these all from your heart?"

Answer: "Yes!"
Answer: "No.."
Answer: "Most."