Can you handle my professionalism?

Can you handle my professionalism?

There are a lot of 'can you handle my craziness' but I can be very professional and I've met people I can drive mad with it! I dare you to try...

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Why, how are you my dear?

Why I just happen to be very good, thank you for your concern.
Don't you mean sup?

Isn't it a phenomenal day?

It certainly is.
Yah I guess.
Yes it is

Your invited to a gala, how do you dress?

At the gala, at the gala!
A lovely ball gown of corse.
IDK lol
The fluffiest dress ever!
I hate dressing up! I will if I have to.
Comfy formal.

Define the word 'hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia'

long word lol!
The scientific name for Hippopotamus.
The fear of long words.
The fear of hippo's.

I apologize sincerely for the improper length of this assessment on maturity .

That's quite all right darling.
It's long enough!
S'all good
That's all right!

What's your idea of a party?

Ain't no party like a pinkie party!
An elegant ball.
A small get together.
A sleepover!

Video games?

Omg! Total gamer!
I do enjoy some.
I myself have never been a big gamer.

New kid alert!

Invite them to my upcoming party.
Shun them or be there new best friend ever in the history of ever!
Through a welcoming party in their honour.
Ignore them.

Are you ready for the result?

Giv dem 2 meh!
I believe so.
Yes please.