The Lesbian Test

If you think that you might be lesbian or bisexual I really hope that this quiz will help you. Answering these questions is how I figured out I was lesbian so I thought I would publicly provide these questions hopefully to help other confused individuals. Answer completely honestly, not trying to be straight or lesbian or bisexual, but with your true feelings. Thanks guys! :)

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How attracted are you to women?

I am only attracted to women, and I am extremely attracted to them.
I am equally attracted to women and men.
I am very attracted to women.
I am not attracted to women at all.

What do you find most attractive about women?

Boobs, Breasts, Chests
Butts and legs are cool
Everything about them is lovely
I guess the only thing that's better about women is that we have better

If you see an attractive woman walk by what do you feel?

Slightly aroused
I wonder how soft her lips are, I wonder how good she is in bed, I feel tingly.

Have you ever had a sexual experience with a woman and enjoyed it and or wanted to?

Yes, I have had many sexual experiences with women and I love it.
No, but I want to.
No, and I don't ever want to.

When you masturbate or have sex what do you fantasize about?

Only women
Men and Women
Only men

Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with a woman?

Maybe, but I'd much rather be with a man.
Yes, I can't wait to be in love with a beautiful girl and spend eternity with her.
Yeah, I would be satisfied with a woman or a man.

Have you ever felt romantic or sexual feeling for a woman?

Yes, I fell hard and fast.
Yes, but strictly sexual.
No, not once. But many times with men.
Yes, but also with men.

If so, which best describes the way it felt?

Like getting hit by a wave, you don't notice until you're already under water.
Under too deep.
I was/am in love.
We had sexual adventures together.

Kissing, sex, holding hands, etc.
I haven't ever felt that way about a girl...

What are your feelings on the LGBT community? Gay rights?

It is everything I believe in.
It doesn't really affect me.
It disgusts me.
I was taught it was wrong, but it feels right.

Have you told anyone about your feelings?

Yes, only my closest friends and family.
I'm completely open to everyone.
I want to but I'm scared.

Are there turn offs in women? Turn ons?

So many. Especially turn ons
I guess ?

When you see a lesbian or same sex couple, does it excite you or make you happy?

Yes, and I want it. So much.
No, if anything it makes me uncomfortable.
Uh, it feels the same as any other couple.
Yes, but mostly sexually.

Do you feel less confused about your sexuality and or more happy with yourself?

No, this didn't really help me.
Yes, I feel so much better.
If anything this made me feel worse.
Yes, I think I know myself much better and I can accept myself. Now I just
have to start the process of others accepting me.