undertale wwffy 2

undertale wwffy 2

so here is the second part to undertale wwffy! hope you guys enjoy this one better than the last one

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you're approached by an angry fish with a spear what do you do?

run at it
run away

you're working on a science project but it becomes more difficult what do you do?

keep working
give up and abandon it
don't like projects

you sit down at grillby's whats's the first thing you wanna do there?

order food and drinks
insult someone
crack jokes

your making dinner how do you make it?

beat the crap out of it until its
cook it normally
use scientific technology

as you walk, you hear a kids voice behind you what fo you do?

stop and turn around

sorry this quiz was a little short guys i kind of ran out of ideas but i will be sure to make it longer in the future! but anyways see ya!