would Manic or Scourge date you?

would Manic or Scourge date you?

This is a quiz to find out if either of the green hedgehogs would date you!

published on December 19, 2014108 responses 28 4.8★ / 5

Me: hi! Welcome to muy quiz. I've gathered the two green hedgehogs and they are. Here to ask you. Questions! Who wants to go first? Manic: me! OK, what's our fave color?

Green. Duh!
The rainbow
I dunno... Scourge green? Scourge: aw yeah! Manic: were the same color! :(

Me: next! Scourge? Scourge: ok,. If you could pick a sonic character to date, and it. Isn't. Us, who would u choose?

Mighty (manic: no one likes him! Me: shut. Up!)
Eggman! Lol

Manic: my turn! Who is uyour fave villain?

Scourge! (Scourge: hehehe!)
Sonic? (Me: he's not a villain! You: whatever! I still hate him!)
I love all of them

Scourtge: finally! What is your ideal date?

A concert
A museum
A football game

Me: my turn! Scourge and Mani: this ist about you! Me: oh well! Who do you like better?