Warrior Cat Adventure #2

Warrior Cat Adventure #2

This starts out as you made a warrior. Then, in a couple days, Riverstar makes you deputy because of Sunpelt's terrible fate. But Shadowclan has an evil leader, and your mission is to destroy him. Can you succeed the mission? Or will you fail. (Remember, I'm Moonheart!)

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Riverstar: Shadepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect your clan, even with the cost of your life?

You: I do
You: I don't

So, even if you said "I don't", Riverstar makes you a warrior anyway.
Riverstar: Then by the powers of Starclan, I look upon this young apprentice and name her/him Shadefur!
You: Yes!

You: Thank you, Riverstar!
You: *Grumble* Meh, I don't care. Ok. I'm a warrior-so?

Two days later:
Me: Riverstar, Shadefur, come quick! I just found Sunpelt's body in the ravine!
Riverstar: Coming!

You: No! Refuse! I hated Sunpelt anyway. But, mwah ha, ha, ha, ha! I am evil!
Me: Oh my gosh! Riverstar! Banish her/him!
Riverstar: I agree!
You: Oh no! Everyone! Thunderclan's deputy is dead!
Windfern: No!
Background Cats: *Wail*

Me: How did he die?
Riverstar: Smells of Shadowclan!
You: Yes, it does.
Windfern: What should we do?
Thunderclan Cat: We should attack Shadowclan right away!
Thunderclan Cats: Yeah! It's the best solution!
Riverstar: Well, I'll ask one of my trustworthy cats... [turns to you] Shadefur, what do you think?
You: I don't know...

You: Let's attack them right this minute!
Riverstar: I don't know...
Me: Is that wise, young warrior?
Windfern: I don't know much about fighting, but I do know strategy. Shadefur, are you sure?
Riverstar: Windfern's right, you know:
Background Cat: No! Shadefur's right! Attack!
You: No. [Looks at cats around you] We should wait, and plan. Let's find out what the meaning of this is at the gathering
Riverstar: Well said, Shadefur.
Me: Making me proud once again!

Hours later, after the terrible fate of Sunpelt...
Riverstar: It is time to appoint the new deputy of Thunderclan! I say this is front of Starclan! Shadefur will be your new deputy!
Thunderclan Cats: What? She/he was made a warrior only two days ago!

You: I never knew I'd be given such and honor. I promise I will be the best deputy I can!
Flamepaw: Woohoo! Shadefur!
Windfern: Congratulations!
The cats start to gather around you.
You: Yes! I am rich, rich I say! I am deputy! Mwah ha, ha, ha, ha!

The next day...
You: Hey, Riverstar. I'm going hunting.
Riverstar: Ok.
In the forest, you see a mouse.

Stalk... keep your weight on your haunches.
Stalk... getting closer.
Stalk... pounce!
Stalk... keep your weight on your forepaws.
Stalk... stop!
Stalk... the mouse ran away!

After hunting, it is time to go to the gathering.
When you get there, Riverstar starts the meeting immediately.
Riverstar: Now, Shadowstar, tell me. Why did you kill Sunpelt?
Shadowstar: Oh, you noticed, hmm?
Ripplestar: What is going on?
Riverstar: Tell me!
Shadowstar: Of course-not!
Riverstar: *Growl*
Suddenly, the moon is clouded by storm clouds, and lightning clashes down right in front of the four leaders on Great Rock!
Shadowstar: A sign, a sign! The gathering is over!

You: It can't be! Shadowstar, tell us now why you killed him!
Me: But Starclan! They stopped the meeting for a reason!
Riverstar: [Jumps down from Great Rock]
You: The clouds have told... the gathering is over, yet, still, I am surprised that Starclan would do that.
Me: [Looks up at Riverstar] Let's go! It's dangerous in this weather!
Riverstar: Coming!

At Thunderclan camp...
Riverstar: [Leaps onto High Rock] All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather under High Rock for a clan meeting! At the gathering Shadowstar said nothing to help us. I believe he is up to something! I have chosen Shadefur, once again, to go on a dangerous mission to destroy Shadowclan's treacherous leader!
Thunderclan Cats: But who will be the deputy from then?
Riverstar: Lilyfeather [Looks at me] will be the deputy of Thunderclan while Shadefur is gone!
Thunderclan Cats: [Yowls their approval]
Riverstar: Will you go, Shadefur? If you do, choose five cats to go with you!

You: I will go. Flamepaw, Ashclaw, Leafpelt, Cinderheart, and Goldenfire will come with me.
Riverstar: Be off at once, then!
You: I will not go! It's too dangerous! Do you expect me to risk my life for my clan? I'd only risk my life for myself!

On the Shadowclan border...
You: Let's go.
Leafpelt: We must hurry before eve!
Flamepaw: We should get there before moonrise, but maybe Moonhigh at the least.
Ashclaw: I smell that stinkin' scent of Shadowclan!
Suddenly, a Shadowclan patrol leaps at you!

You: Ashclaw, Flamepaw, take that brown tabby! Leafpelt, go for the dark-tailed she-cat! Cinderheart, Goldenfire, attack that
huge orange and brown-backed tom!
You: Ashclaw! Run! Everyone! Run! Run, run, run, run, run! [Starts running for dear life]
Flamepaw: *Huff, puff, huff, puff, huff*
Shadowclan Cat: Ha! Easy peesy! [Scratches at Flamepaw]
Goldenfire: *Snarls* [Starts running]

You decide to find another way into Shadowclan territory because the Shadowclan cats are increasing rapidly.
You: Come on guys! Let's go!
Minutes later...
You escape and sneak into Shadowclan territory a different way.
You get into their camp and see the leader-alone!
You attack...?

Do, don't think!
But wait... be patient.
Be skilled!
Stalk and wait for the right time...

You attack the Shadowclan leader, and he yowls in surprise!
You: It's time to end your ways, Shadowstar! *Snarls*
You battle for a long time...
Do you....?


The next day...
You limp back to camp with many wounds.
Suddenly, I come running to you!
Me: Riverstar is dead!

You: WHAT?
You: YES! I'm leader, I'm leader!

Me: Who is the new deputy, Shadestar?

You: Flamepelt.
You: Um... Windfern.
Me: But she's a medicine cat!
You: My bad.