What Should Your Name Really Be? Girls Only Please!

Out of these names, which would be yours, and why? Take this quiz to find out.

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Hello! What matters most to you?

Sports, sports, SPORTS!
Well, actually, none of the above.

Next question: What's your favorite color, out of these?

Blue, red, stuff like that.
Purple! No... Pink! Wait... Is glitter a color...?
Green, orange, yellow...
Metallic colors, like gold, silver, bronze, etc.

What's your favorite animal, out of these?

Wolves, leopards, tigers...
Unicorns! No... Poodles! No... Chihuahuas! Pomeranians?
Lions, dogs, etc.
Maybe horses or foxes. I love cats, too...

RP time!
Somebody walks up to you and says he loves you(even if you're a boy). What do you do?

Crack my knuckles and charge!
Whack 'em with my purse! Ouch, I broke a fingernail...
Umm... Do I know you...?

More RP!
You see a bully making fun of a kid outside. What do you do?

I say to the bully: Shut up, ya stupid hog turd!
Whatever, i'm busy putting on my twenty-third layer of lip gloss.
I say to the bully: Back off, butt turd!
I'm the one getting bullied...

Which one?


Dogs or cats?

Dogs, i guess.
Umm... I don't know... Cats?

In your comments, don't be a hater, okay?