Where will you be in 10 years

Where will you be in 10 years

Will you be in the high life in a big city, or will you be in prison or just plain dead

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How old are you


What are your intentions in life

Go to college and share my entrepreneur ideas and I'm going to push myself
Go to college and get a good paying job
Finish school and get a job
Don't really think about getting into the world
Get into some trouble
Spend some money on black market, get into drugs and weapons and gangs

What do your spend your time doing

Studying for school and planning for life
Study for school and think about my job opportunities
Study a little or none at all and go hang out somewhere else with friends or something
I don't really think about anything I just stay at home
Get into some trouble with myself or with friends
Get into the black market, beat people down, join gangs

What are your parents conditions (If both are different choose the best one)

High Life Millionaire
Average Middle Class
Low Class

What degree do you want or diploma

Masters Degree
Don't care about school I would rather spend money on gangs

What conditions do you live in

A big city where there are a lot of people with money and i'm one of them
A city with a lot of wealth
A big town with average income
A city/town that can't afford for their citizens
A place with a lot of bad things
A place with alcohol and drugs