Would senpaii date you?

Would senpaii date you?

Roleplay a series of questions and get a final answer, which will reveal if senpaii likes you and if you will date. Have fun :P

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Senpaii is talking with their friends. You decide to;

Approach them..
Leave them be..

It's the middle of class and Senpaii is doing their work. You see they are struggling. In a cute motion you;

Walk over and ask if they need help with anything..
Turn towards your head towards your friends sitting behind you and start talking..

The teacher has assigned a project that is due in 3 days. She picks out your partners, and you happen to be with senpaii. Senpaii has lots of good ideas so you;

Decide that your ideas are better and ask them if they want to do your ideas.
Listen to every word they say, and cooperate with their ideas.

You've been scrolling through facebook for 3 hours straight and a thought pops into your mind to search for senpaii. You successfully find them, and you;

Add them and start messaging them!
Scroll through their profile.. You don't add them.

Senpaii comes up to you one day and starts talking to you about one of the teachers. They tell you that the teacher is looking for you.. You;

Say, "Okay. Thanks." then walk away to find the teacher.
Say, "Okay, thanks.. But uh.. Wait.. Can I tell you something?"
Senpaii replies, "Uhh.. Sure? What's up?"
You say, "I really like you.."
Say, "Okay, where are they?"

Senpaii seems to be talking to some person, who you are jealous of. You think they have something going on. You;

Go up the the person flirting with senpaii, and tell them; "THAT SENPAII IS MINE!"
Go home and have your own conversation with your friends and find out more information on
this girl. You don't plan to do anything..

A person at your school has just asked you out. You don't really like them.. YOU:

Say, "Yes! I'd love to!"
Say, "NO! EW!" But senpaii sees what you've said and thinks you are being rude.
Say, "No sorry." Because you already have somebody on your mind.

You see senpaii kissing somebody under the blossom trees in the back of the school. You;

Instantly dart towards them and smack the person kissing senpaii!
Leave them be, and walk away upset..

Senpaii catches you staring at them from across the class. YOU:

Turn away quickly and loose contact with senpaii's eyes.
Continue staring at senpaii because they are the CUTEST thing ever!

Senpaii walks out of the class to take a phonecall.
While they are gone, they miss important notes from the teacher. When senpaii comes back in, you;

Rush over to them and give them notes on everything you just learned.
Hope for somebody else to give them notes on the things we learned, rather then you making a
fool of yourself.

You are walking in front of senpaii and you're approaching the door into the school. YOU:

Hold it open for senpaii
Decide not to hold it open, and just walk through.

There are rumors going around the school that senpaii has hooked up with somebody. YOU:

Plan a murder on the person dating senpaii
Cry at home.. It's okay to be sad..
Act like you're okay..

You overhear senpaii talking about pokemon. YOU:

Join in and tell them how many pokemon cards you have!
Listen and don't say anything. You hear him say his favorite pokemon and you write it down to

Senpaii has a secret crush on you and you found out! YOU:

Scream and run to senpaii. You ask them out!
You smile and ask them for their number.