What Character Are You From Jessie?

This quiz tells you who you are from Jessie- Jessie, Emma, Luke, Ravi, Zuri, or Bertram. :)

published on July 06, 201576 responses 16 5.0★ / 5

What is your catchphrase?

Quiet down, kids!
.Fart noise.
Ooh, sparkles!
Learning rocks!

What kind of clothes do you wear?

Anything that looks professional.
Anything athletic
Anything expensive and fashionable!
Something expensive!
I don't care
Anything I can sleep in. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!

What do you do in your freetime?

What freetime? I never have time!
Play basketball and hang out with friends.
Pick out some new cute clothes!
I like watching T.V. past bedtime! YAY!!
Learn Learn Learn!
Sleep. YAWN

What do you like to watch on T.V.?

I don't have time to relax!
The fashion channel!
Anything past bedtime!
I don't like T.V. I like to read
Cooking marathon!

What's your favorite food?

I like any food
Anything that makes me fart!
Are sparkles a food?
Bacon and sugar!
I don't eat much
Cookies, cheese, anything yummy!

What's your favorite sport?

I don't have time for sports.
Is shopping a sport?
Fighting my brothers for the remote
eww, sports!
Sports are boring. YAWN