Which Warrior Cat are You? (10)

Which Warrior Cat are You? (10)

Take this quiz to find out which warrior cat you're more like! If you're lucky, you may even be like Firestar... Hint, hint.

published on February 21, 201618 responses 11

How sure are you when you make decisions? (Please please please answer truthfully on all of the questions!)

Very sure.
Pretty sure.
Kind of unsure.
Very unsure.

What are you best at?

Doing your best to be loyal.
Wanting to be the best warrior you can be.

How loyal are you? (Answer truthfully! Please!?)

Super loyal.
Very loyal.
Pretty loyal.
Kind of loyal.
Loyal a lot.

How stubborn?

Kind of.
Not really.
Not at all, really.

How often do you make mistakes?

A lot!
Pretty often, but not too much.
Meh, half and half.
Not a lot.
Not often.