My brother's quiz. Ugh!

My brother's quiz. Ugh!

I made my brother make a quiz with me, due to boredom. Brace yourself for his questions.

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Brother: When?
Me: I dunno what he means.

(Censor) you
(Censor) off

Brother: How big?
Me: How big what?

My (Cenosr)
Why is Censor misspelled?
Two inches from da floor

Me: Because I tricked you into making this quiz.

There's a lot of censored parts.
(Censor) you!

Brother: Wanna (Censored mostly)?
*I slap him with a fish*
Me: Stopit!

I dunno!

Me: Sorry about that. My brother seems to be foul-mouthed.

I forgive you.
I don't care!
I want to see more of him! (Me: Son--!)