Who is Your Warrior Cat Mate? (For Girls)

Who is Your Warrior Cat Mate? (For Girls)

I was bored, so I made this. Who is your Warrior Cat mate? Good luck! Hope you don't get Scourge!

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What would you teach your apprentice?

What would you teach your apprentice?
I would teach it about fighting, battles, ambition!
I would teach it the best hunting and fighting skills, and to never show mercy no matter what!
I would teach it to be loyal and brave, and to give your life for the Clan!
I would mentor it as if it were my own kit! I'd teach it battle moves and techniques and the best of the best when it comes to
I would teach it that even if your life isn't going as planned, with a little help from your friends, you can make it ideal in the end!

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color?
Green-like an emerald!
Red-like blood!
Blue-like the depths of the ocean!
Amber-like, well, amber!
Pale green-like a... lime?

What would you do if you caught a rival Clan cat on your territory?

What would you do if you caught a rival Clan cat on your territory?
I would attack it and kill it without hesitation!
I would ask it what it wanted. If I liked its answer I suppose I'd spare it. But if not, I'd kill it without a second thought!
I'd give it a fair hearing and then tell them to leave and never come back without permission. If they don't leave, I'll chase them
off but not kill them. Killing is dishonorable.
I would take it to my leader and let him sort it out. It's not my place to judge.
I'm a loner. I probably wouldn't have a Clan cat on my territory, unless they're passing through. I'd let them without any

Which Clan would you like to be in?

Which Clan would you like to be in?
ThunderClan or RiverClan.
I'd like to be a loner.

Do you want to become leader?

Do you want to become leader?
Obviously. Now I won't have to do my own dirty work!
Nope! I suppose it's too much responsibility and stress for me...
Of course I would! Who doesn't? But I will earn my place through loyalty and hard work.
Sure! I will always be the best deputy any cat could wish for. But if I never became leader, being a deputy is enough for now.
Of course I would. I'd be powerful and I'd lead my Clan to be the most gruesome and fierce warriors of all time!

Favorite prey?

Favorite prey?
Dogs. Easy to kill, and their teeth make excellent reinforced claws. AND they're rather edible!
Mice! Squirrels are too hair, birds are too feathery... but mice are just right!
Water voles or fish! Mice are delicious and juicy, but water voles... divine!
Rabbit! You can chase it and feel the wind blow your fur, and know that you are are free!
I don't have a favorite prey. I'm just too grumpy to decide.

Are you proud?

Are you proud?
Certainly! I am proud of my Clan.
Of course. I'm proud of my leader and my home.
Obviously! I'm proud that I am the leader of a massive Clan. They will all obey me!
Absolutely! I have so much power!
I am proud. I'm proud for living the life of a loner.

Are you ambitious?

Are you ambitious?
Yes! For the good of my Clan!
Not really. But I will serve my Clan loyally if I have to be leader.
Yes! I crave for revenge and death!
Yes! I could kill for my own burning desire!
Not really. Clan life isn't for me.