What ghost is following you? (1)

Hi take this quiz to find out which ghost is following you, why, and the tragic story of their death.

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Okay: Hello Peeps!

Hi there! How are you?
Is someone actually TALKING to me? Wow!

What is your favorite color, out of these?

I dunno. Maybe silver or something.
Colors? The only ones i see are grey, brown, and a lot of red...
Umm, duh, pink and gold!

What's your favorite breakfast?

Pancakes! Can someone please pass the syrup...?
Waffles, I guess.
I think i had breakfast once...
Duh, like a buffet with french toast and parfait and muffins and...

Whats your favorite online face?


How many friends do you have?

Tons and tons!
Not a ton, but not a tiny amount. Average, i guess.
What are friends?
Umm, everyone wants to be my friend, but i don't have time for that.

What is your age?

Under ten :)
Thirteen to nineteen.
Preteen. Ten to twelve.
Why should I tell you? (Me: it was just a question...)

And finally, do you like FLOWERS?!

Yeah, I guess.
I've never seen a flower.
Well duh, if they're pretty like me.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, (drumroll, please!) The results! Just click the submit button!

Bye bye! Sure thing!
See ya. And KK.
Bye. You were the only friend i've ever had! *sobs*
Whatever, just give me my freakin' results! (Me: Okay, okay...)