What kind of Qfeaster are you?

What kind of Qfeaster are you?

Qfeaster is a made up word. it means Qfeast user pretty much. so what kind of Qfeaster are you? No, this picture does not have anything to do with this quiz.

published on December 30, 2012100 responses 35 4.7★ / 5

You have like 1000 of what?

days i've been on Qfeast
days since i've been on Qfeast last
hopes for friends
hopes to get popular on qfeast
hopes that i'll have more time for Qfeast

How often do you go on qfeast?

at least once a day
at least twice a week
about 3 times a month
I haven't been on for months at least
This is my first time on

who wants to have some bacon?

not me
i do!
i don't like bacon!
what's the point of this question?

What is most likely to be your new years resolution?

to get even more subscribers
to not be considered the new person anymore
to be a popular Qfeaster
to get on qfeast more
to make some Qfeast friends

Are there people on Qfeast you consider to be your friends?

not yet
a few.
Like a thousand!