Warrior Cat Adventure #3

Warrior Cat Adventure #3

You are now the leader of Thunderclan! Your deputy is Flamepelt (formerly known as Flamepaw). You are now Shadestar, leader of Thunderclan. Shadowstar is gone, but Shadowclan has a new evil leader. Shard. You must find a way to drive Shard out of the forest. (Remember! I am Moonheart!)

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Me (Moonheart): Shadestar (you)? Wake up!
You: What is it, Moonheart?
Me: The gathering is tonight. We will be meeting Shadowclan's new leader.
You: I will call out the cats I want to take.

You: Windfern (medicine cat), Pinepaw (Windfern's apprentice), Flamepelt, Songheart, Moonheart, Lightpaw, and Tigerpaw
will go to the gathering.
You: Windfern, Flamepelt, Pinepaw, Lightpaw, Moonheart, Barkpaw, Larkclaw, Tigerpaw, and Silverbrook will go to the gathering.

You get to the gathering. Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan are already there.
Me: Looks like we're the last ones here.
You: [Leaps onto Great Oak]

Frogstar (Windclan leader): Welcome. Where is Riverstar?
You: Gone.
Leapstar (Riverclan leader): I'm sorry...
Shard (Shadowclan leader): Who is Riverstar?
You: [Turns on Shard and gives him a sad and cold glare]
Frogstar: Hello.
Leapstar: Riverstar...?
You: ...
Leapstar: I'm sorry.
Shard: Who the Dark Forest is Riverstar?
You: [Stares carefully at Shard] The former leader of Thunderclan.

You: May I go first?
Frogstar: Of course.

You: Sadly, Riverstar has gone to the ranks of Starclan. Our warrior ancestors will take care of him well. I am now Shadestar. Prey in Thunderclan is becoming scarce, but gratefully, leaf-bare is not sending Greencough.
Background Cats: [Begins murmuring sadly]
Frogstar: I'm sorry...
Leapstar: ...
Shard: [Snorts in quiet mocking laughter]
You: Also, Thunderclan's territory is not holding enough prey. We ask for a small addition to our territory.
Leapstar: Asking for territory? I would never disgrace my clan like that!
You: Even if your clanmates are dying of hunger and suffering?
Leapstar: ...
You: Riverstar has gone to Starclan. I do not know if our warrior ancestors will include him...
Leapstar: Why?
You: He has taken in many loners and kittypets. The warrior code says to chase off any cats on our territory.
Frogstar: Hmm...
You: Thunderclan needs more prey! Our territory is not providing enough prey to feed our kits and apprentices, not to mention our warriors and elders! One of you must let us expand our territory!
Background Cats: Never!
You: We have no choice! (You really don't.)

The gathering has ended, and you are back in camp.
You: I will lead a hunting patrol myself.
Me: Very well.

You: [Smells a vole] A vole! [Scampers toward the smell] Ah ha! found it! [Meows triumphantly]
Larkclaw: Shut up!
You: Ahem?
Larkclaw: Oh, yeah... Leader... Heh heh.
You: [Stalks toward it]
Larkclaw: [Brushes against branch] Fox dung!
You: [Smells a mouse] Mouse! [Stalks toward it] Where is it...?
Larkclaw: Over there.
You: Let's go.
Larkclaw: [Snaps twig] Mouse dung!
Mouse: [Scampers away]

When you get to the camp, Larkclaw goes to the Warriors' Den. You head for the fresh kill pile.

Spidertail walks up to you and greets you.
You: Hi.
Spidertail: Would you like to eat with me?
Silverbrook walks up to you and greets you.
You: Hello, Silverbrook.
Silverbrook: [Looks embarrassed] Um, I was wondering, is it ok if we eat together?

You: Yes, sure.
Spidertail/Silverbrook: Alright.

You: [Chooses a mouse]
You: [Chooses a munchy squirrel]

You and Spidertail/Silverbrook eat in the Leaders' Den.

You: Thanks for the squirrel, Silverbrook.
Silverbrook: Um, yes, of course... [Shuffles paws nervously]
You: Thank you, Spidertail, for the squirrel.
Spidertail: [Dips head] Of course. Would you like a taste of my vole?

The next morning, you wake up to find the camp full of yowling and screeching cats.
You: Shard!

Me: [Runs in] Shadowclan has attacked us!
You: C'mon!
Me: [Limps in] Shadowclan. Shard... That piece of fox-dung thinks we're weak with Riverstar... Dead!
You: [Jumps up and runs outside without thinking]

You find Shard throwing Spidertail away.
You: You! Shard.
Shard: Hello, Shadewhatsit.
You: It's Shadestar, you flea-bitten piece of fox-dung!

You: [Leaps onto Shard]
You: [Prowls around Shard]

Shard: You can not destroy me! I am kin to the legendary Scourge!
You: I don't believe you! [Snarls]

You: Go, and you will leave.
Shard: Or else?
You: You will get mortally wounded, not killed, for true warriors do not kill unless in great need.
Shard: Weakling!
You: Go away, mouse-brained poopy fox-dung!
Shard: Why should I?
You: You will die.
Shard: Oh, really, you pitiful scrap of fur?

Shadowclan finally retreats, but Shard I still in the clearing.

You: Go!
Shard: No.
You: [Leaps on Shard and tears out his throat]
You: Go, now.
Shard: No.
You: [Leaps on Shard and bites the back of his neck, not to kill him but enough to make him screech]