Which flame of recca character are you?

Which flame of recca character are you?

exactly as the title says you are either mikagami, yanagi, recca, kage houshi, koganei, fuuko, domon, ganko or kuri

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You are fighting kurei you...

Release your flame and try to help your friends.
try to protect yanagi.
try to stay out of the way
Try to explain what each attack is and how powerful it is.

do you use an elemental wepon in your fighting?

yes i do but maily use my physical strength
yes it is the only thing i use
i do not have an elemental wepon i have unique powers e.g healing or a flame

you found this power at a young age which you possess (powers or Madōgu)

yes i found it when my dog was sick
i do not remember or it is unknown.
i got my Madōgu from kurei when he recruited me.
kage houshi gave it to me or helped me to discover how to use it.
my sister gave it to me

your favourate elemental wepon is?

Dosei no Wa (ring of saturn) with the power to turn determination into physicla strengh. (earth element)
I dont have one i prefer my power
Eikai Gyoku (shadow ball/shadow world sphere) which allows the user to travel in the shadows and see the past and present. (shadow element)
Ensui (dark water) with the power to control all prospects of water (element water) A sowrd which condenses water and turns it into an unbreakable blade.
Fuujin (wind god) with the power to control all aspects of wind. (element ~wind~)
Kōgon Anki (golden blade) with the power to change into 6 forms and was made by alchemy. (puzzle element)
Katakugutsu (puppet form) with the power to control any object with strings.(puppet element)

you perosnality is/feelings are?

you want to protect yanagi
to keep recca alive
to kill recca
to have friends