how much do you know about ouran highschool host club

how much do you know about ouran highschool host club

exactly as my title says i will detirmine if you do or not. it is based on the anime.

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haruhi is not rich and is allowed to attend ouran accademy because of tamaki's farther.

yes she is
no she is rich and can pay her own fee.

hikaru and kaoru are twins that like haruhi and can never be told apart. Who like to prank others and annoy haruhi. Hikaru is better at controlling his emotions than kaoru. They work at the host club and show brotherly love as twins.

yes all that is true
no some of the statements need work

more than 2 people like haruhi.

yes they are mori, kaoru, tamaki and hikaru.
no only tamaki and kaoru like haruhi.

honey and mori are the most skilled and merciless fighters?

yes they are as honey is not allowed to fight at full strengh otherwise countries will think that the country is hiding necleur wepons. Also tamaki sees people honey defeated and stated he must have went easy on them.
no they are not only honey is

kyouya has 3 brothers and 1 sister.

yes of course
no he only has 2 brothers and 1 sister