Who are you off Vampire Knight

Who are you off Vampire Knight

what character are you off vampire knight? yuki kuran, kaname kuran, Aido hanabusa, Akatsuki kain, Seiren, Sayori wakaba, Kiryuu Zero, Takuma ichijo or many more

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if there was a fight going on between an innocent vampire and a hunter you would?

break it up by force.
ask them to stop
Leave them as your not bothered

if you saw a monster craving your blood you would

kill it
run away
leave as it cannot get you and stands no chance

You are in a fight with an extreemly strong vampire you would?

use your vampire power to kill it
kill it with a sowrd or a blade
call for help
kill it with a hunters wepon

you are bored and its during the day you?

sleep, relax, study or go to work
go to the hunter/vampire association

your deepest uttermost fear or most hated thing is?

loosing your friend/loved one