take this quiz to be able to tell if you are a vampire or not. i am not saying this quiz is perfect but you never know find out if you are a vampire who used to be human an aristocrat (noble) or the highest most feared a pureblood, a human or a hunter. this is based solely on vampire knight

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Do you fear vampires?

No i am a fearless of them.
I only fear Purebloods
I have only ever met 1 vampire who did not scare me
Yes they terrify me
No i fear no vampire as i control them

Do you like vampires?

yes because i am one
no way i absaloutely hate them.
yes of course as i want to be one.
do you evan need to ask?
Most vampires are beneath me.
why should you care but to answer your question yes as i love this power.

Do you like sunlight?

Do you like sunlight?
i am alright with it but it makes me more irritable
Yes i am most active during the day
I am less active during the day and i cannot hunt as freely as at night
No i cannot stand it
It does not bother me

Can you change others into Vampires?

Can you change others into Vampires?
No but does such a power really exist
No but i fear the one who can
Yes i can but to me humans are not worth it they live but a blink of an eye compared to me
I am forbidden to kill the ones who can unless ordered to
No but i have met the one who can. The one who can changed my fate for good

Do you have special powers?

Do you have special powers?
yes Fire
Yes Ice
Only increased strengh and speed
To an extent i am capable of wielding anti-vampire wepons
Yes i can turn others into a vampire

Do you drink blood?

Do you drink blood?
i kill all beast that do
yes but my craving for it can only be satisfied by my loved one
Yes but i satisfy it by taking a blood tablet
yes i hunger for it uncontrollably