Does He Like You (1)

Does He Like You (1)

This quiz was made by a boy so you know it's legit.. If girls make these things they don't know jack

published on February 19, 201558 responses 3 4.3★ / 5

Does he talk to you a lot

Yes.. A lot
Ya.. sometimes
Only if I say something first
He ignores me

Does he say nice things

Yes.. a lot of nice things
Just to satisfy me
No.. he doesn't

Does he look at you from head to toe

Yes.. Very observingly
Just my head
Not much
No he never looks at me

Do you ever see signs of anxiety when he talks to you.. (ex. erection, twitching, shaking)

All of those things
1 of those things
None of those things
None and below

If you see him with his friends.. and they look at you.. what do they do

Smile and wave
Smile and point
Doesn't do anything
Scowl or ignore you