Would I date you? (girls only) (3)

Would I date you? (girls only) (3)

Exactly what it says in the title. I want rep points but i have no ideas, so here I am. I'm a lesbian by the way, so straight girls probably won't be interested. Also, if you're 13 or under or 18 or over, probably don't take the quiz to prevent creepiness. (i'm 15.) i have no idea why you'd want to date me because i'm heckin gross but anyway

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Why are you taking this quiz?

Why are you taking this quiz?
I genuinely like you.
I was just curious.
For shites and giggles
Just to give you rep points.
I dunno.
Because i hate you and want to cringe at your quiz for fun.

What is your opinion on animation memes?
(image belongs to Seelmaru)

What is your opinion on animation memes?
(image belongs to Seelmaru)
they are so cringey!!!!!
I don't mind them. People can do what they want, they aren't hurting anyone.
I love them!
I make them!
They're alright.
furries are disgusting
I don't care.

Do you mind swearing?

Do you mind swearing?
Swearing makes me pretty uncomfortable, but i can bear with it.
I don't mind swearing, they're just words.
People who swear are really stupid.
I don't care.

What would you do if i started to have an anxiety attack in public?

Take me away from the crowds and try to calm me down.
Yell at me to just calm down.
Tell me i'm being ridiculous and need to calm down.
Ignore it and keep going.
Talk to me to try and calm me down.

Would you be open to the idea of a polyamorous relationship?

I don't know what that means.
That is horrible. No way.
I'm not interested in that, sorry.
I don't mind the idea.
I need to be in a poly relationship, i hate the idea of being in a monogamous one.

Do you hate furries?

They are so disgusting, I hate them so much.
I dislike them, but i just avoid them rather than actively hating them.
I don't care.
I like them, but I'm not a furry myself.
I am a furry!

Where would you take me on a date?

To a movie.
To the beach.
To a loud concert.
To a fancy restaurant.
Just stay home and cuddle and play video games and stuff
On a hike.

i'm running out of ideas lmao
favourite colour?

Cool colours like green, blues and purples.
Warm colours like oranges, yellows and reds.
Neon pink, yellow and green.
It's spelt "color" idiot!

this was a waste of time. sorry

It's okay.
Hey, it's alright. I had fun.
I agree, this was a bit waste of time. Oh well.
This was a massive waste of time and it sucked. You're terrible.