Would froststar like you?

Would froststar like you?

Okay guys I've got froststar with me here and were gonna see if she would like you or not! Let's enjoy shall we?

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Hello guys! ^-^ froststar will be asking the questions since this is basically her quiz!
Froststar: sup guys? You ready for some fun?

Froststar: ;D
Froststar: hehe
Froststar: well you're no fun -_-

Don't even think about killing me for this.. But what's your favorite color?

Frostar: sweet!
Froststar: ooo Hehe scourge
colors are we?

Okay now that's over... We shall being to have a rp!

:0 YAY!
froststar: don't get too excited
>.> really?

You were walking by when you see a dark blue cat stuck in a tree so you walked over to the she-cat and saw she was struggling to get out if the tree what do you do?

Try to help her
Watch her struggle for just a
bit and wait til she wants help
Do nothing

Well than rp over ;'3 sorry it was short

That's ok I had fun
Froststar: glad to hear that!
That's ok I don't mind
-_- whatever
Froststar: dick!

Froststar: rocky this is my quiz!!!
0.0 dayum sorry! Carry on! *runs off*
Froststar: hmpf! Alright anyways what would you do if I pinned you to a wall?

Honestly I don't know
Froststar: ;D
Froststar: staring contest!!!
Punch you and jump on you
Froststar: wanna go?

Froststar: rocky took over for me since I had to take care of my kits so yea ;-;

Oh that's why rocky was asking
the questions
Froststar: yup
Ahhh okay

Froststar: anyways! So what do you do in you're spare time?

Fight or something like that
Froststar: ooh interesting
I honestly don't know
Froststar: hehe that's OK idk
Beat you up that's for sure
Froststar: oh really? I will Slice
your throat!

Froststar: hmmmm let's see here.... :/ I'm out if questions maybe rocky can help what do you say we get rocky huh?

Froststar: right then ^-^

Froststar: ROCKY!!! get over here
Huh? I thought you-
Froststar: I ran out of questions
Ah well what's your favorite food?
Froststar: *face palms* that's a simple question why didn't I come up with that?

Froststar: mmmm those are
Froststar: yummy!
Your face!
Froststar: -_- rlly?

Eh adios amigos that's the last question
Froststar: :3 later!

See ya
Me: wouldn't wanna be ya