would rocky like you?

would rocky like you?

hey guys rocky here and ummm were gonna see if i like you or not jeez i`m so nervous but anyways plz enjoy! ^-^

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ok first up (don`t hate me) what`s your favorite color? *hides behind mike and vincent*
mike: *clenches fists as eyes turn black with white dots*
vincent: *sharpens knife*

Me: saaame

what would you do if you saw me sleeping in the office and not checking on the animatronics?

probably kiss your cheek and
protect you from the
me: *blushes* t-thank you i`ll
keep that in mind
watch you sleep and close
both doors
me: >.< don`t watch me sleep
thats creepy! but then again
i`m creepy
drag you and throw you to the
animatronics and close both
me: heeeeey... thats not fair....

do you like raccoons? :`3

yea they`re adorable like you
me: 0///0 thank chu
they`re okay
raccoons are disgusting they
eat trash!
me: so...? what`s wrong with
a lot of things
me: -_-

ehhhh i`m out of questions... MIKE HELP ME!
mike: -_- fine little brat!
3: why?
mike: cause i hate you for not telling me you were gonna f*cking do this!
3; sorry....

whoa hey mike calm down and
give rocky a break
mike: oh f*ck no!
me: t-thx for trying to help....
wow... ._. mike lay off
mike: ...
me: heh...
go mike! kick her ass!
mike: *grins* finally someone
who`s on my f*cking side!
me: *puts ears back* why?

*pinned down on the ground by mike* >.< okay guys ummm... what would you do if i kissed you?

kiss back cause your adorable
me: t-thank you...
i would smile
me: okay then
pull away and growl
me: rude! -_-

*throws mike off*okay thats cool! whats your favorite thing to do

a lot of things
me: anything specific?
me: okay then ^_^
something i guess
me: ._. kay

*holds mike back*and umm... who is your favorite character from fnaf? not including the security guards

do you count? ;3
me: uhhh i guess... not exactly
*blushes* i`m a security guard
but i can also be a animatronic
so i guess i
do count
well i choose you then
me: t-thank you...
other animatronic

whats your favorite song?

firework by katy perry
dj got us falling in love again

*gets choked by mike* g-guys i better get going... *tries to gasp for air*

i`m no tleaving you here with
me: *still choking* t-thats real
mike let her go!
mike: ... no!
me: >.< *face turns purple*
yeah go get her mike!
mike: *chokes her harder*
me: *choking*

*turns to a animatronic and stops choking*better! anyways its best if i get going guys! later!

later rocky!
bye rocky!