What Are Ten Words That Describe You?

What Are Ten Words That Describe You?

In this quiz u will find out what 10 words describe u! (≧◡≦) ♡ PLZ TELL ME WHAT U GET! If I get the very opposite of you, plz don't go all ROAR down there in the comments, k? Thx! (Also this is has some annoying interruptions from Kiki, my cat, so be careful)

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Kiki: What is your favorite colour?
Me: Really Kiki???
Kiki: What!?

Defiantly a bright, loud kind of color!
Maybe a nice pastel kind. <3
Black, dark blue, anything dark really

Me: Ok, Kiki, I'll do this one.
Kiki: Fine.
Me: Do you like sports?

Only the ones I'm good at. (Me: Lol Same!)

Kiki: I have a good one!
Me: Ok, what is it?
Me: Kiki, you can't just ask them that!
Kiki: Too late!

Meh, some are mean.
No, not really. (Kiki: WAAAAAA!)
Does it matter?

Me: Ok, Kiki is eating. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Run, play sports, exercise.
Hang out with my friends!!
Listen to music!
Read, write!

Kiki: I saw you sneak that question into there!
Me: Ok, you can ask a question then.
Kiki: *Huff* What is your favorite animal?

Eagle, Owl, Wolf, really any that can stand up for its self.
Mice, Hamsters, little cute ones!
Cats, dogs, ext.
MAJESTIC ANIMALS! (I.E. Peacocks, Dolphins, Platypi)

Me: When-
Kiki: No, i'll do this one too.
Me: Ok...
Kiki: Do you like sea or land better?


Me: When are you most frustrated?

When my peers aren't paying attention to me!
When I keep getting an answer wrong!
When my team is preforming badly!
When everyone isn't getting their voices heard!

Me: Ok, Kiki, this is your last question.
Kiki: Ok. Who are you most likely to fall for?
Me: Oooo, good question!

The smart, knows all the answers one.
The cute, funny one.
The mysterious one.
The shy and artsy one.

Me: Fate is always exciting!

(✿ ♥‿♥)