is your house haunted?

is your house haunted?

is your house haunted or not? take this quiz to find out it is verry important to know some people already know the answer and the name of the ghost/spirit haunting their house

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do you ever hear strange sounds when alone or with others when no one said or did anything?

yes i do
no i havent ever heard any

do you ever see things move without anyone touching them?

yes lots or most of the time
no i cant say i have
sometimes but not verry often

do things ever dissapear without a trace and not turn up for a while, are never seen again or turn up in places that you never left it near?

yes lots of the time
nope it has not ever happened
sometimes yeah

have you ever seen things that no one else can see or very few others?

nope never
yeah lots of times
sometimes but not to often

have things ever happened to you that you can not explain?

yes i can say that they have
nope i never have had that kind of stuff happen to me
sometimes im not to sure