who are you out of bleach

who are you out of bleach

who are you out of bleach kind or quick temperd blah blah blah you get the jist

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you have some money to spend you can either

buy lots and lots of sweets
buy a pet like fish or a rabbit
ignore the money and get on with your duties or train

you can do anything you want you

go to the pet store to look at bunnies
train and fight real battles
relax or do your captin duties

you see a hurt animal alone and unconscious do you

take it in and when it wakes up play dress up and fuss with it
take it home and when it fully recovers release it to do as it whishes
find someone else to care for it
leave it

you like


if someone insulted you you would

ask if they have a death whish
ask if they wanna fight or would rather keep their life
say nothing and attack when their guard is down purely out of haterd and anger
ignore them or ask if they are willing to take it back or say sorry