proper personality

proper personality

a quiz to test what kind of personality you really have no matter how you try to hide it

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someone who was once your friend betrays you to your worst enemy you

have hope that they will come and apologise to you for what they have done
forgive them for what they've done and conclude that they did not know the consiquences

someone gets an easy question wrong what is your reaction?

you scream and shout at them as it was easy and should be able to do it
you wait and patiently teach them how to get it right

you can see your friend is upset so you would?

think humph why should i bother comforting me evan though if i was sad theyd comfort me
you ask them whats wrong and they say that theyve done something terribly wrong and you comfort them saying its not so bad
you give them hope saying things wont always feel this bad and they will soon look back and smile at how upset they were
you say that whatever happens you will always be there for them and give them hope

someone who you know has a relitive in hospital and is upset you say

big deal evan ive had that happen to me and so has everyone else
i hope they get better soon in fact im sure of it

you promise that you will do something like help your friend learn a song but

when they go out of tune or forget a lyric you shout at them
help them and sing it along with them