harry potter chain quiz 1: what house are you?

harry potter chain quiz 1: what house are you?

welcome to the first ever qfeast chain quiz! on this quiz you will go through the magical school of hoqwarts! it's like this: take the quiz and the next quiz you have to take will be in the description!

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you are in divination and the teacher says somebody is going to die. you:

don't panic and help protect the
think that maybe the teacher made a
tease the person and stay away like
you're going to die from being
around them

you are kidnapped by the deatheaters. you:

carefully manipulate them into
letting you go
use avada kadavra
apparate out
cry and hope somebody will save you

you see a house elf looking for a master. you:

ask it questions to deceide if you
should hire it
ignore it because it was probably
fired for bad deeds
hire it and form a small bond
hire it to work for your mother.

you accidentally trip somebody in the hall and they think it was on purpose and yell at you. you:

say "sorry" and run away
say "it was an accident. if you
don't think so, maybe i'll
accidentally use my wand!"
say" i'm sorry it was an accident.
please forgive me"
explain that it was an accident and
help them pick up their things.

somebody puts a fake rat in your bed. in the mornig you...

say "ha ha very funny. please don't
do that again"
ignore it and throw it away
scream at the top of your lungs
figure out who did it and use a spell
on them