Mary Sue Test (1)

Have an OC you aren't sure of? Creating a new OC and want to make sure it's fine? Take the Mary Sue Test to find out if your OC is a Mary Sue. Enjoy.

published on April 09, 201639 responses 8 5.0★ / 5

How many powers does your OC have?

More than 5, but they're super weak

How many love interests does your character have?

They have one love interest, but everyone hates them.

Does your OC have a tragic backstory?

It's sad, but not super depressing/No, it's a normal backstory
It's really sad, and almost everyone feels bad for them.
Yes, it's really tragic and depressing, but nobody believes them and they hate them for that.
Yes, and everyone feels bad for them

Does everyone hate your OC?

Yeah, she's bullied all the time
Eh, not really. Only some people.
Almost everyone loves them, of course not
No, everyone loves them

How old is your OC?

Almost immortal

How powerful is your OC?

The most powerful OC, more powerful than the canon characters
Almost as powerful as the canon characters
Not super powerful but not super weak either
They're super weak

Is your OC depressed?

Yes, they're super depressed
Maybe, maybe not
No, not with the attention they get
Of course not, everyone loves them

Do you overly describe your OC?
(Ex. Her metallic golden claws, lavender locks of hair, etc.)

A little bit
No, I describe them normally

Is your OC pretty?

Yes, everyone loves them
No, everybody hates them
Yes, almost everyone loves them
Maybe, maybe not

Does your OC have a perfect body shape, height, etc.?

Almost perfect
Maybe, maybe not
No, they're super ugly

Does your OC have a perfect singing voice?

Almost perfect
No, it's terrible