What Do Your Parents Say About You?

What Do Your Parents Say About You?

Do they approve of you? Or is it the opposite? You can never tell with parents. And this quiz will help you find what your mum/dad/guardian/both think about you.

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How does your parent/guardian greet you in the morning?

"Hello, what will it be ? Toast or cereal ?"
"Hey, how are you feeling ?"
"I see you finally decided to get up,"
They give you a sour look and turn
They keep their eye on you until you reach the table
"Good morning,"

You and your friend/s are hitting the mall, are your parents cool with it?

Yeh, they always are x)
No, but that doesn't stop me
No, that little ...
Yes, they have to come with us though
Yes, but they always say things like, "To the mall and straight back,"
They think for a while, but then say yes.

Oops ... You are playing Wii, and then accidently smash a vase. And they heard it. What do you do?

You confess and apologise millions of times
RUN ! If they find out it was you, you'd never hear the end of it.
They scold you, you say, "Geez, it's just a stupid vase,"
They asked who did it, you blame it on the pet
Cry and storm to your room after they lecture you
They scold at you, you shout at them and storm out of the room

What do your parents say when they see you in your clothes

"You look so normal, unlike some kids these days," :)
"Go to your room, and change !"
"Well, it looks like someone wants to get mobbed,"
They give you a sour look, and turn
"Go put on a jumper or something, it's freezing out side,"
Your decked in black, they just stare blankly and turn

If you swore at them, what would happen?

I would NEVER do that
A mighty slap across the face
They fight back
They gasp, you storm to your room, close the door and don't come out untill dinnertime
They scold me and give you a lecture about swearing
They give you a "You kidding me?" look

If your parents saw you a bit underdressed for a party, what would they do?

Hellloooo? I NEVER go underdressed to a party !!!
"Go change, now"
"Looks like someone doesn't respect their body,"
"Erm ... Amy, aren't you a bit underdressed?" (just using my name as an example)
"God sake, I thought I told you to chuck that shirt out,"
They do not care, well they ignore me and give me looks, that's all

First Day of HighSchool. Your parents say
"No makeup", what do you do?

Wear makeup anyway
If they say "no makeup", then I don't wear makeup
I Begrudgingly obey
Secretly layer it on in the girls/boys bathroom later
Say, "But everybody else is !"
Give them a sour look, but you obey

Your parents find your secret item ! What is it?

My teddybear ...
The lingerie that I secretly bought
My "harming tool"
My cellphone they did not know about
My "too mature/inapropriate for my age" mags
A photo of my secret boyfriend that my parents distaste

If you ask for $20.00, and they say "No, you have to earn it," what would you do?

Shout at them
Agree, but still beg
Storm out of the room, muttering bad words, and gluing their picture in your "burn book"
Say "So if I earn it, you'll give it too me? Swell,"
Say OK, But steal it from their wallet/purse later
Say "FINE ! I will just earn it my self !"

What sites dosen't your parents let you go on?

None, I'm allowed on all of them :)
Facebook, Espin, stuff like that (I still go on it anyways)
I dunno - I never listen to their boring lectures ...
Exactly answer #2, but I don't secretly go on them
The obvious stuff that your parents obviously wont let you see

Does your parents make you wear sunscreen in summer?

They want me too, but they don't make me do it
Yeh, they're always bugging me on it - but I ignore
My parents couldn't care LESS about sun protection
I wear sunscreen without them asking :)
Eugh, don't remind me ...

Out of your family - are you always the one to blame

No, I never am x)
Yah - but do I care? No.
Sometimes, but at the time I actually DO deserve the blame
Ugh, yeh - but that's cuz they're so pathetic and don realise THEY'RE the ones to blame
Well ... we don't really point fingers in this family

What do you think of this test ?

Too long
*is asleep*
Erm .. it's ok
I know what i'll get, so it doesn't matter
I just ♥ quizzes, this one was DA BOMB