What phobia are you most likely to have?

What phobia are you most likely to have?

Agoraphobia, coulrophobia, philemaphobia, you name it. There are SO many phobia's out there - and I am going to guess which one you're most likely to get.

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What are you scared off most out of these?

Kissing, eugh!
Long words.
Peanut Butter ...

What would be considered a REALLY bad dream?

playbacks of the movie "It"
Having to kiss this really ugly boy/girl
Being stuck in a room with chickens!
My house filling with spiders
A test with R-E-A-L-L-Y long words in it
Being forced to eat a peanut butter sandwhich !!!

What would make you scream more?

I turn ... and theres a clown!
My aunt bending over to kiss me, eugh!
A chicken chasing me !
I wake up, and a red back is just chillin' on the wall !
This word "floccinaucinihilipilification"
Peanut butter !!!!!!!!!!!!!

What gives you reason to run out of the classroom?

Mr FunnyClown is coming to school today ...
That boy/girl wanted to kiss me
A chicken egg was in my desk
A spider is sleeping on my desk
We're having our "100 demons" spelling test
Miss, my mother gave me a peanut butter sandwhich ...

Which after-school classes would you hate most?

Circus training
Kissing lessons
Anything to do with chickens !!!
Exterminater lessons
My spelling tutor :(
"Cooking with peanut butter" classes

What movie would you DEFINITELY not watch?

Friends With Benefits
Stuart Little
I'm fine with movies - but books I'm not cool with !
Erm ... I'm not scared of anything!

If you were asked is you could play the movie "Titanic" what would you do?

I ♥ that movie ! *cries*
"Does it have NO peanut butter in it? Then yes,"
Titanic's a baby's movie !
Titanic *shakes* isn't there nudity?
Is Titanic a type of clown?
Hmm ... no chickens right? ... I dunno

Are you scared off what you will get?

As long as theres no pictures of the actual "thing"
Nah ... I know what i'll get
No ... I'm getting bored
Yes !!!
... I guess
*sighs* Is this the last question ?