who are you in austin and ally?

who are you in austin and ally?

are you austin, ally, dez, or trish? take the quiz and comment on what u got!

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how do you feel about gingerbread people?

i want them to live in my belly
why do some people give them names?
they are living and deserve a place to live
they taste really good

if somebody ate your gingerbread man, what would you say?

no big deal
no! you monster....
you're mean
hey, i was gonna eat that!

you want to...

make videos of famous people
help famous people
be famous
help people help famous people

what do you do with a diary?

write in it
not let anyone write in it
smell it so i can sniff out somebody else's diary and read it

what is a good prop for a music video?

a kangaroo
a tough-looking jacket
it depends on the song