what popular so random character are you?

what popular so random character are you?

are you mc grammer, tantrum girl, (my personal favorite) rufus, the girl fom the "i'm going to marry zack felman show" (why can't i remember her name), zombie man, or billy (he's in the cheerleader sketches).

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what is your favorite so random phrase?

i'm mc grammer, phd!
ohhhhhhh you're not gonna beleive this!
welcome to "the i'm gonna marry zack felman show"!
hi i'm billy go billy!

what food do you like?

anything as long as i sit with somebody i'm in love with
cookies shaped like hearts to share with the boy i like
ohh you're not gonna beleive this but i like them all because there's a whole world of foods out there waiting to be tried. so i don't know how to pick just one.
anything my mom can't mess up
meatloaf, not meetloaf, meatloaf.

what is a good motto for you?

succeding in life is easy if you use the right words.
do break the ice
everything turns out right in the end
follow your dreams and you'll get your dream person
uhmumma humma humma mumm
never give up

you're known to_______________________.

not stop trying
eat a lot
focus on one thing and one thing only
always have excuses
be extremely picky
correct everyone and everything

what are you scared of?

unperfect grammer
foods touching other foods and uncrushed ice
not having an excuse for something
your dream person not loving you
somebody eating you
not being a cheerleader