Which Hunger Games Catching Fire Character Are You? (1)

I love the Hunger Games. I have read all the books and watched the movies. This quiz tells you which Hunger Games character you're most like. May the odds be ever in your favor.

published on May 04, 201440 responses 19 4.6★ / 5

How many Hunger Games books/ movies have you read/watched?

All the books, all the movies.
All movies, no books.
All books, no movies.
1-2 books, 0-1 movies.

Which-of these- is your favorite color?

Orange, but not like Effie's hair.
Green, like the woods.
Anything that looks good on me- wait, then I like every color.
Umm... Purple, or blue, or red... Or black.
Umm... I have absolutely NO idea.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Umm, archery, duh!
Painting and baking.
Killing and swearing >:)
Being smart and using wires and stuff.
Lookin' good, eating sugar cubes, and hangin' with Annie >:)

What is your weapon?

Jeez, my bow and arrows! Do I seriously have to tell you again?!
My paint (and possibly a hundred-pound sack of flour >:) )
Wires and my brain :P
My ax, baby!
My looks >:). Oh yeah, and also my trident.

Okay, last question: Who-of these- is your favorite character?

Katniss! I can see why 2 boys are fighting over her!
Peeta! Bread power!
Duh, Johanna Mason! She kicks butt!
Beetle, or Volts, or whatever.
Finnick! He's pretty!