Sloppy Makeouts

Sloppy Makeouts

This should tell you what you are spiritually inside. Everyone has there own spirit animal, some people are arields dad, some people are ms hudson, others are that shopping cart that was left at the right side of the road. This test will definitely tell you what you are.

published on May 03, 201420 responses 2 3.0★ / 5

If you saw your brother peeing on the ground, what would you do?

Eat it (You technically cant /eat/ liquids smarts-)
Drink it
Slap your brother with your slick tallywhacker
Grab a Corgi and run away into the sunset while slathering maple syrup on your nipples
Throw a poke ball at your brother and just "YOLO"
Eat caterpillars and suck on your own tallywhacker
Rip up your brother with a slice of bread

If you saw a lonesome shopping cart sitting on the left side of the road, what would you do?

Kiss the shopping cart with your sexy herpes lips
Rip the shopping cart apart and use it for your next club show
Eat glass inside the shopping kart
Praise the shopping cart with your arse
Slather the shopping cart in oils
The window is the lord
Make sweet love to the shopping cart

How big is your biggest condom?

The size of my pokeballs
SHerlock and john are so gay omfg give it to them
I dont bloody know you idiot how about you go eat some trees
The greatest experience of a unicorn
My green slithery sock fur is greasy inside the condom
The size of my big ben
6.9 feet

My marshmallow panties are squishy?

*Eats the panties*
Im wearing a thong, baka..
Im wet....BECause i am in the ocean *da dum tsh*
Can you please not-
I actually prefer thongs, thanks.
*Touches the panties*

What if i started coughing up hairy balls?

Oh ass, we can catch that with a poke ball!
Wot the fock m8
I don't like your sassy pants sonny
GoD SavE our graCious qUeen
o.o I would eaty them
Tea with that plz

"Im the boy your mother warned you about.." *runs towards you with scissors*

*Throws weed* staY awaY frOm my HObknockers
*Throws sherlock* go, cuCUMberbatch!
*Spreads legs* My body is ready~
*Screams and rapes*
*Envelops your body with my gaping hole*
*Throws pokeballs* sucky my one eyed trouser snake
*SLashes with trident and suspenders*

An angry old man with fuckity huge eyebrows comes up to you he also has blond hair and green eyes. "Uh excuse you this is not earl grey tea." he says. WHAT DO you do?

Do you want to touch my trident young son
Oh good lordy jesus what the hell are you
i like your fyurry caterpillars sonny
lick my d
iggle piggle jiggle jiggle
i like monkey balls