Do they like you?

Do they like you?

Just friends or is there something more there....? Find out now with this fun quiz :)

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Say you're out with a group.When you first meet how do they usually act?

They look pleased to see you & start up a conversation
They continue talking to other people,maybe with a brief hello
They smile and say hello,but then go back to talking to others

Someone is giving you grief,they...?

Come over and tell the other person to back off
Do nothing.....
Watch from a distance but step in if it gets too heavy

You are visibly upset,what do they do?

They come over wrap their arms around you for comfort & stay with you
They dont really do anything
They sit with you for a while

You're a few £'s short to get into a club they?...

Offer to pay you in
Go in regardless.
Suggest going somewhere else

Do they stick up for you in a argument?


How often do they compliment you?

Never...or very rarely

You tell a pretty bad joke...they?

Laugh anyways
Stay straight-faced
Make fun of the joke

At social events they?...

Make sure you're always involved
Speak briefly or sometimes not at all
Come over every now & then to talk

When you look at them they?...

Look away
Look back breifly

How often do they ask you out places?

Rarely if ever

When you invite them out how often do they make excuses not to come?