What kind of girl are you attracted too?(boys only)

I will tell you what kind of girl you belong too. Who is your perfect match.

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What is your average grade in school


How aggressive are you

Fight me
Only when fought
I'm a pacifist

What do you look at first at a girl.

There face
There breast
There stomache
There amount of coolness they have
How good they are at games

Where do you want to go on a date

At an buffet
At a fancy place
At a funeral
At a gamer convention
At your house doing homework

Where would you like to meet.

Xbox live

Which of these are you willing to do for her

Go bra shopping
Go to expansive restaurant
Make up store
In the sand box

What would you do if they couldn't get their pants up.

Say, "screw it" your going pantsless
Squeeze it on her
Lend her yours

What do you do in your freetime

Watch youtube/play video games

How meme are you.


Girl walked into your classroom. There shirt was partly see through. How do you react.

Check how big her bra is
Look away
Look in shock
Seen it before/ don't care

Girl walked into your classroom. There shirt was too small and her belly hangs over her pants and you can see it.. How do you react.

Oh yeah! Nice stuff there
Offer her a jacket to cover
Offer her a peice of a chocolate bar you have.

You go the neighborhood pool, you see a girl from your class in a bikini. How do you react.

Come to papa
Ignore her.
Ask if you could hang out with her
Ask her if she plays games
Check for a bellyhang.

What is most important to you on a girl

Big boob
Big bellies
Look hot
How mean they are
Do fish sticks count as breakfast food.

Was this enjoyable

Of course
Hated it
Did you say something