Are you Max, Ian, or George?

Which Youtuber are you the MOST like? Which type of gentleman are you?

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How would you laugh if someone got hurt?

Laugh but feel bad.
Laugh at their pain.
Laugh at them and how they hate it.

What would you say/do if someone shocked you at a higher count?

I would be the one shocking them.
I would clench my teeth and grunt loudly.
I would grab the shock collar and yell the code word for "stop".

What would your score be for, according to being lady-like and a gentleman?

I would be the lady, so about a 3 or 4.
I would be the least of a gentleman.
I am a total gentleman.

What do you wanna do when you're older?

Open up packages on YouTUBE, and knocking down my door.
Quit making YouTUBE videos to start/continue my music career.
Become a true gentleman, and act like an idiot when I'm around my S/O.

What do you like to do?

Open up gifts.
Make music.
Most videos on people's content.