Will you survive Middle School?

Will you survive Middle School?

Ever wonder if you'll survive middle school or die the first day.. Well find out in the quiz.

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Are you popular now?

No, not at all.
A little bit.
A lot I have a bunch of friends and everyone likes me!!!

What's your favorite colors

Normal color's. I don't know reds, blues stuff like that.
Green and a bit of neon colors.

What is your grade type?

Not really good!

Would you be friends with a boy if your a girl?

Sure I don't really care who my friends are!
Maybe, if he's nice!

Would you be friends with a girl if your a boy?

Sure, Don't really care!
Maybe, if she's pretty!

Are you funny or mean?

Kind of mean.
I'm really funny!
I'm in between!

What do you eat everyday for breakfast?

A bagel and maybe a piece of fruit!
Maybe a piece of fruit!
Bacon and Eggs, and sometimes Pancakes or Waffles.

What Subject do you not like in school?

I love all of them!!!
English a bit, I don't really like any.
Math, English and Language Arts. Just that stuff.

Do you hate Gym class?

Not really!
I love Gym!!!
I hate gym!!!

Are you a bully or do you stick up for kids who are bullied.

I stick up for kids sometimes.
People don't bully in my school!
I don't stick up for kids cause I'm too scared!

What do you wear to school?

Skirt, Leggings, cute shirt and flats
Jeans and a plain colored tee shirt.
Jeans mostly, or maybe a skort.

How many friends do you plan on having?

Maybe 1-10
Everyone can be my friend!!!

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What do you think you will get?

I wont survive