Which Warrior Cat from the First Series are you?

Which Warrior Cat from the First Series are you?

Are you a great cat who would die for your clan, or an evil dark forest cat with a cold heart? Find out!

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Are you a supporter of good or evil?

Evil! That's all I do!
Evil. It's what my friend does.
Good! Anything for my clan!
I'm already good, if I'm not my clan will kill me!
Good, of course!
Umm... how about I take a nap, while you cats do this for me. What was that, you are good, well if you are I guess I am.
Good. I have to be if I want to be a good medicine cat!

What color is your pelt?

Lovely tortoiseshell!
Tan with black stripes!

Who do you want to be?


Did you enjoy this?

Yeah! You rule! Make another! I loved this!
Yep, It was great!
Omg, that was fun, lets do it again!
Meh, could be better, but good try, keep going.
Whatever most people say. I'm an insider.
I liked it, I sat at the computer chair, didn't have to get off my ass.
It was okay, now I have to go do some chores.

What do you want to be?

A great leader, to lead this clan high above all others!
Anything, as long as I'm treated well.
I'm already a leader! Can't get better than that!
A warrior, maybe Tigerclaw's deputy when I force Bluestar to make him leader.
A warrior I guess, maybe deputy.
I just want to be safe from mean battles.
a medicine cat!

What do you want to die as?

A warrior. Maybe a deputy.
A leader! And never die!
I'm already about to die, as a leader.
A medicine cat, die helping my clanmates!
A deputy.
Anything, but mostly leader.
Geez, is death something to talk about when we could stuff ourselves silly with mice and live in a warm sheltered home?

Would you ever have kits?

Yes, but with a nice caring cat.
I have kits, but I gave them away to be leader.
Yes! i'd do anything for more kin!
Sure, whatever, as long as they fight well and don't be dumb medicine cats.
Umm... if Tigerclaw wants them, I do.
Are you kidding, mates are for cats who get up and try. I'm to lazy to be a warrior, I want to be safe.
I can't, I would if I was a warrior, yet as a medicine cat, I cannot.

Random word of your choice?

I dunno! All of them!
My friend to have whatever they want so they can promote me better!
Safety, as something soft to rest myself on.
Oh, anything, just keep my clan safe and maybe have some of all the other choices.